The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada

There are hundreds of bars in Canada and some of those have been around for decades and they are still in business today. If you want a whole new different level of bar hopping, why not roam around the entire country in search of the oldest bars still in existence.

These bars still serve hundreds of patrons on a daily basis and they are only getting better as time passes by. So, here are three of the oldest bars in Canada.

Postimage The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada The Black Bull - The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada

The Black Bull – 298 Queen St W, Toronto

The 1900s? Try the 1830s. That’s right, The Black Bull has seen World War I and World War II. The Black Bull used to be a stopover for farmers coming from the west. They would drink their troubles away along with other farmers. The Black Bull was originally called Clifton House until 1977.

Today, the Black Bull is a favourite bar all over Toronto. You get to watch sports including hockey games and there is a patio for outdoor drinking, and you can even play billiards with strangers.

Postimage The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada The Laff - The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada

The Laff – 42 York St, Ottawa

The Laff is none other than the oldest bar in all of Ottawa. The Laff was already in business when Ottawa got its name in 1855. The bar was been established in 1849 and to the older people, it’s called Chateau Lafayette.

But that is not the first, nor second, nor the third name of the bar as it has been called many names.

The Laff offers Canada’s nightlife in one place, drinking, dancing, music, events, and so much more. The Laff is known for its many wines and beers, but they are really famous for their amazing snacks. You need to try their pickled egg and saltiness, small poutine, small sweet potato fries, bobo balls, and so much more.

Postimage The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada Kingston Brewing Company - The 3 Oldest Bars in Canada

Kingston Brewing Company – 34 Clarence St. Kingston

Kingston Brewing Company is not as old as the first two bars. In fact, it was been established in 1986. But Kingston is Canada’s oldest wine-producing pub. So, if you want great local wine, you know where to go.

The best drinks you need to try in Kingston are White Wail, Dragoon’s, Regal, Cranapple, John Strong, and Dragon’s Breath. All of these drinks are brewed right at the bar. Make sure to really get into those drinks.

Just make sure to not overdo it or at least have someone to accompany you when you start to hit the dance floor.

There are more bars out there to explore, old ones and new ones. A Canadian bar is always welcoming, and you will always feel at home.