Bars and Technology: Top 2 Modern Bars in Canada

Most bars are not that welcoming with modern technology. They want to keep the tradition of conversation and good times. That means no technology of any sort. But not all bars think that way. In fact, many of them embraced technology and is integrating it into their service.

Here are two of the most modern bars or new bars in Canada to visit.

The Maplewood Taphouse and Eatery – 1970 Spicer Road North Vancouver

The Maplewood is a favourite spot for the locals and travellers along Spicer Road.

Believe it or not, people from all over British Columbia are coming to this bar for many years now. The bar is applauded for its great meals and welcoming environment. The service is top-notch as are the drinks.

Postimage Bars and Technology Top 2 Modern Bars in Canada The Maplewood Taphouse - Bars and Technology: Top 2 Modern Bars in Canada

Maplewood is also the perfect place if you want to drink and work. That’s right, drink and work. Not a match made in heaven, but Maplewood is a Wi-Fi powerhouse in the area. They put it up because of the many young professionals they get.

Some people are even encouraged to gamble while drinking, online gambling of course. Drinking and gambling are a match made in heaven, but only if you are responsible. You can play whatever casino game you want, you can even play at all slots online casino.

Maplewood does not shy away from the internet as well. There are also plans that they will soon integrate an automated order organizer. Not sure if it will happen, but the bar is open to it.

The Keefer Bar – 135 Keefer Street, Vancouver

The Keefer Bar is modern for one reason, it’s next level interior design. We are talking about virtual arts inspired by Asian characters as well as automated lighting. They mix in modern and old elements like their apothecary table illuminated by automatic lights.

You can’t mix the many cocktails here in Keefer Bar. The entire bar sits in Chinatown, so they are heavily influenced by Chinese elements with their beverages and design. Keefer Bar is also recognized worldwide as many people blog about it when they visit Canada.

Most people assume that when you drink in modern bars, you are modern drinking. This is not a thing. There is no such thing as modern drinking. Bars these days are being more open and engaged in the many factors of modernization and they are integrating it into their services, products, and establishments.