3 Must Play Food-Themed Online Slots Asap

Have you ever played slots in your life? Many people refer to this game as a slot machine, one of the most famous casino games all over the world. Have you seen one? You don’t have to go to a casino or a gaming center to play a slot machine game.

Right in the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy more than thousands of slot machine games. If you want the true taste of the slot machine, we suggest you start with food-themed titles.

They all have common features, are easy to play and not to mention delicious to look at. Here, we give you the top food-themed slot titles for you to enjoy.

Freaky Fruits

In a way, fruits are synonymous with slot machines. Think about it, the shapes, the many colours and other features. Freaky Fruits is one of the best online slot machines out there right now. The best thing about it, you can start playing for free.

But that is not your usual fruit-themed slot machine, the fruits here are freaky and crazy. The design of the game is focused on making the fruits alive and to give them attributes of a real person. The apple in the mix is a hockey player.

This slot has all the features you want like the wild symbol, scatter, extra spins, and there is even a bonus round you can trigger to start a race.

So Much Candy

After natural sweetness, we go to candy sweetness. Just like Freaky Fruits, So Much Candy is colourful and bright. The best thing about this title is its speed per spin. The more you bet the more chances of winning you get.

There 5×3 reels and 25 paylines in this game so you know your chances of winning are even bigger. It also has a wild symbol and to get it, keep an eye out for the game’s logo. The game also has a symbol split feature.

This is when a single symbol splits into two separate symbols giving you the chance of getting the one you want.

Going back to the more you bet the more chances of winning. You can only bet 1 to 20 coins per spin. It is up to you to maximize your coins by betting a certain amount, betting close to nothing or going all out.

Big Chef

Another great creation by Microgaming, Big Chef is based on a small restaurant in Europe. Big Chef is applauded for its playful symbols of different meals like grilled steak, crab with veggies, chicken, tomato soup, and so much more.

Big Chef has free spins all around so don’t worry if you are not winning on the early rounds. You are sure to get those combinations in the next ones. The trick with this game is that you don’t have to use free spins as soon as they are given to you.

It is best to ration your free spins and use them when you get multipliers.

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