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Yellow Dog Tavern, believe it or not, is actually a tavern located at 3623 avenues Royale, Quebec, QC G1R 5B2. It is a favourite spot for the locals as we offer a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and great eats.

Yellow Dog Tavern first opened its doors on June 6, 2010. The tavern opened during the 24th birthday of the owner George Hughes. It has always been Hughes’s dream to open a bar of his own. He was working as a gym trainer at that time. With every penny he saved, he used to build Yellow Dog Tavern.

To his surprise, the tavern took off, not a lazy night and people keep coming back for more. Many of them are fond of the place because of the chill vibes and great service of course, not to mention we have open mic nights every night.

Tavern to an online business

Yellow Dog Tavern really took off and Hughes managed to gain back all the money he spent. With the tavern being such a raging success, he decided to level things up. He started blogging about the tavern and other pubs in Canada. He published posts about the unique experiences of his and his regulars.

He then started talking about the nearby bars because in his own words, “we are all in this together.” He was referring to another pub, bar and tavern owners in town. Then that blog took off and Yellow Dog Tavern was given a new platform.

Instead of searching online, travellers are actually contacting the tavern for information about the best bars and taverns in the province of Quebec. Of course, we gave them a list, we didn’t just promote the Yellow Dog.

Yellow Dog Tavern today

Yellow Dog Tavern today is a website for people looking for pubs, bars, and taverns near them. We also publish different materials centred on the best pubs, bars, and taverns not only in Quebec but throughout Canada.

Every week, we feature one pub, bar or tavern on our website that really caught our attention.

So, for more information, contact us today.